Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pay It Backwards Day - Toronto!

Here's a great event that's happening in Toronto on April 4th. It's called Pay it Backwards Day. Brought to you by the creators of The Daily Challenge

The concept is pretty simple, do something for someone else. In this case, buy a coffee for the person behind you in line.

I've posted some of the details from their site below. You can also see their website for more information.

I know some of the PUNCH team (myself included) will be checking it out.


Our BIGGEST challenge ever is a GO! On Saturday, April 4th at 1 PM (sharp!), come participate in the world's longest Pay It Backward coffee line. Daily Challenge has partnered with the Second Cup in Toronto to break the world record of 490 "pay it backward" coffee buys in a row. Crazy? Sure is... but hey, it's Toronto!

When:Saturday, April 4, 2009 at 1 PM (sharp!)
Where:Second Cup, 307 Queen Street West (Across from MuchMusic just west of Osgoode station)
Come out and support us bringing some GOOD into the heart of the city. Enjoy your daily dose of caffeine with other "do gooders" and get entertained by street performers and live music. Bring your friends, your children, your pets and your hangovers (or simply your desire to do something nice) and help us re-write the history books... Toronto-style!

How it works
Pay It Backward Day was born from one of our earliest challenges. It involves the selfless act of purchasing a drink for the person behind you in line (see fig. 1, right), even if you don't know them! Can you imagine this simple act done over 500 times in a row? Come make it a reality!
How to participate

We've created a Facebook event to support Pay It Backward Day. If you'd like to attend Pay It Backward Day and have a hand in breaking a world record, you simply need to mark that you will be attending the event on Facebook.RSVP on Facebook now!

In addition, you can participate in conversations with other Do Gooders across the web by using the hash-tag #pibTO on Twitter and other social networks.

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