Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Doro Monthly Flash Newsletter

In the PR-spotlight: Canada

Doro’s public relations team at PUNCH Canada has some exciting initiatives coming up this fall and into next year.

The team will build on the success of last spring’s Father’s Day campaign by continuing to engage Canadian celebrity spokesperson, Walter Gretzky (former professional ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky’s father) and make him the Canadian “face” of Doro.

A successful and ongoing partnership with Rogers Communications (the main distributor in Canada) and the Elder Technology Assistance Group (ETAG) will help promote Doro’s products in key markets across the country. Upcoming initiatives focus on national media relations; overall awareness and brand-building; establishing Doro as an A-brand within the care electronics category and as the dominant senior cell phone leader in Canada; and demonstrating a connection between Doro and seniors.

Here’s what the PUNCH team has planned:

ETAG Seniors Technology Workshop at Revera retirement residence in Toronto – Doro, Rogers and ETAG collaboration
- Special event for seniors and media. This one-day program aims to help seniors use communications technology to enhance their everyday lives and stay “connected” as they age. The program leverages the “digital divide” media angle – helping to remove the technology gap that isolates many older adults from younger, tech savvy generations.

Digital Divide Symposium – Doro, Rogers and ETAG collaboration
- Special event for healthcare professionals, caregivers and other relevant audiences and media. This morning symposium focuses on professional development with the aim of bringing awareness to the “digital divide” issue. The format will include a high profile keynote speaker and/or moderator, and learning sessions conducted by three experts on the subjects of seniors, ageing and technology.

Walter Gretzky Christmas Campaign – Doro and Rogers collaboration
- Christmas/holiday promotion with Walter Gretzky leverages Mr. Gretzky as a beloved Canadian icon and key user of Doro’s product to stay connected over the holidays.

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