Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bahamas Snowboarder Heats Up Vancouver

One Year From Now, Bahamians Hope to Be Cheering on First Winter Olympian, Korath Wright

February 19, 2009 – With only one 365 days to go until the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, something in the city was different last week. Far from the typical cold, rainy weather Vancouver is known for, the sun was out, and it felt like spring was in the air. Maybe it was just a random weather change, but quite possibly it was the arrival of Bahamian Snowboarder Korath Wright who brought the beautiful sunshine and warmth to town. Wright currently trains and lives in Vancouver, and was back in the city for the LG FIS Snowboard World Cup at Cypress Mountain, the home mountain for snowboarding at next year's Games.
The World Cup event coincided with the one-year countdown, and Wright joined in to help build the hype for the biggest event to ever hit Vancouver. But, if possible, the week was even more exciting for Wright, as he continues along his path to become the first Winter Olympian for his home country of the Bahamas! And no matter where he went while in Vancouver he was embraced by people who were eager to share his story, and support him in his efforts.
One of the highlights for Wright was the opportunity to join British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell, VANOC Chairman of the Board Jack Poole, and a number of Canadian Olympians to announce an "Adopt a Country" program in front of hundreds of screaming school children. Wright spoke to the students about his chance to follow a dream, and how important it is for these students to embrace this opportunity and learn about many other countries, including the Bahamas.
Throughout the week, Korath also spoke to many media outlets in Vancouver, all of whom were huge supporters of his pursuit of achieving his goals and dreams. Among others, he conducted interviews with Entertainment Tonight Canada, CBC, CityTV's Breakfast Television, and the Olympic broadcast consortium.
And quite possibly the biggest smile for Korath came when he was hiking up the Halfpipe during training on competition day. When he looked up to hear what all the noise was about, he was greeted by a group of cheering fans waving their Bahamian flags, and chanting "BAHAMAS, BAHAMAS, BAHAMAS!" To be sure, the support of those fans and his country reinforced to everyone at Cypress Mountain that day, and particularly to Korath, that it's definitely “Better in the Bahamas."
And in celebration of the one-year countdown to the Olympics, and the first potential Winter Olympian from the Bahamas, two t-shirts have been designed. Show your support and excitement for Korath Wright and the Bahamas Snowboard Team by purchasing your favourite (or both!) at

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