Tuesday, February 10, 2009

YIKES! 1 of 3 Canadian Women Battling Body Image


Lack of time takes bite out of good nutrition habits

TORONTO – January 27, 2009 – The mirror doesn’t lie. From muffin tops to thunder thighs, from junk in the trunk to flabby arms, Canadian women say they don’t like what they see.

One in three (36%) are not entirely happy with their body image, citing the above as their top problem areas, reveals a Harris Decima survey commissioned by Nutribar. The gamut ranges from coast to coast, with only half of B.C. (53%) women pleased, while in Quebec there’s a joie de vivre with 79% of women embracing their inner goddess.

Nutrition Savvy
When it comes to nutrition however, women are well versed with 92% aware of Canada’s Food Guide recommendations for healthy eating and only 5% citing lack of information as an obstacle to healthy eating. Despite this, many aren’t adhering to what’s best for their health – 43% skip meals with the number as high as 55% in Alberta.

“Skipping meals can lead to low blood sugar causing sudden hunger pangs,” says nutritionist and Nutribar spokesperson Nadeen Boman. “Women pressed for time should consider a meal replacement like Nutribar which contains the appropriate balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat as well as vitamins and minerals you would expect from a complete meal as mandated by Health Canada.”

Obstacles to Embracing Good Nutrition
Canadian women lead busy lives and are on the go with almost 30 % saying the biggest obstacle to eating healthy is a lack of time to prepare meals (29%) followed by eating on the run (21%). With the present economic climate many women are finding the cost of healthy food a barrier (18%) with price being a top concern in Atlantic Canada (29%) and B.C. (21%). Rounding out the list is the constant struggle to avoid temptation of easy access to cheap, fast food (13%).

Battling the Bulge
One in four women has taken to dieting in the last year with the 18-24 age group skewing the highest (31%). Quebec women are most secure with their weight with only 11% having reduced caloric intake versus 34 % of B.C. women and 28 % of Ontario’s femmes.

“There are many ways in which women can manage their weight and adhere to great nutrition,” added Boman. “When on the go, choose a meal replacement bar like Nutribar which contains balanced nutrition and sufficient calories unlike other protein, energy and nutritional supplement bars.”

About Nutribar
Nutribar shakes have been available in Canada since 1979 and bars since 1987. Nutribar is formulated under the meal replacement regulations of the Food and Drugs Act of Canada. Meal replacements provide the body with the equivalent of a complete nutritionally balanced meal but with lower caloric content than most regular meals. One Nutribar contains all the essential elements of a complete meal. For more information visit www.nutribar.com

About Nadeen Boman
Nadeen Boman is a nutrition coach, certified personal trainer and the no-nonsense co-host of Slice Network's reality TV shows 'Bulging Brides' and 'The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp'. Nadeen's passion for the health and fitness industry developed after taking personal training to relieve the stress and monotony of her desk job. On seeing and feeling the results she subsequently left her position and pursued a career helping others make healthy changes to their life. Nadeen went onto create her own fitness boot camp series and work as a private fitness consultant before being cast for the shows. Nadeen's goal is to empower people to look and feel their best through fitness and nutrition coaching.

About the Survey
The survey was conducted by Harris/Decima between January 8 and January 18th, 2009 via a national omnibus telephone survey among a representative sample of 1,022 Canadian women. The margin of error is +/-3.1%.


For more information, an interview with Nadeen Boman and full survey results contact:
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